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2022 Frontiers in Cancer Immunotherapy Conference, May 9-11

PhD Posters is happy to offer local poster printing for convenient on-site pickup at the 2022 Frontiers in Cancer Immunotherapy Conference. The meeting will take place May 9-11, at the Cure at 345 Park Ave South, New York, NY 10010. More details are available on the 2022 Frontiers in Cancer Immunotherapy web page.

Immunotherapy has fundamentally shifted the paradigm for cancer treatment, delivering effective and durable responses for numerous patients. Nonetheless, challenges remain in understanding why some tumor types are refractive to immunotherapy and how to better predict patient responses to treatment. This conference represents the Academy’s 9th annual convening of immuno-oncology experts across academia and industry to share cutting-edge discoveries. Topics will include examining whole tumors, intratumoral therapies, targeting tumor resistance, therapeutic potential of cytokines, combination therapy, and computational bioinformatics.

Here are some resources to help as you prepare:

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  • Standard order deadline: 06:30 PM Friday, May 06, 2022 (US/Eastern)
  • Rush order deadline: 06:30 PM Sunday, May 08, 2022 (US/Eastern)
  • Fee for rush orders: $ 35.00 USD
  • Maximum poster size allowed by event: None" x None"

Pickup information

Pickup on-site by the conference registration desk as early as 3:30 PM Monday, May 9th.

Additional information will be emailed after poster is printed.