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Printing materials

Paper or fabric? We'll help you choose!

Our standard printing material is a heavy-weight, semi-gloss, water-resistant HP photo paper. It's beautiful and affordable with great sharpness and contrast, but it has to be transported rolled up in a tube for protection.

For those looking for a poster that's more convenient to travel with, we also offer a synthetic fabric material that can be folded up and carried in a suitcase. These fabric posters are very convenient and durable, and we've tested dozens of materials to ensure that we provide the best-looking fabric posters in the industry.

However, it is important to understand there are a few tradeoffs for the convenience of fabric:

  • The material is significantly more expensive.
  • Print quality is very good, though folds may be visible. (See ironing instructions.)
  • Colors and blacks on fabric can appear somewhat faded when compared to paper.

You can also check out a review of our fabric posters with high-resolution, close-up photos by research poster authority Colin Purrington.


A fabric poster

Closeup of a fabric poster

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A paper poster

Closeup of a paper poster

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