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What people are saying about PhD Posters:

"Your customer service is the most exceptional I have experienced while printing posters. Amy went above and beyond customer service and noticed two mistakes on my poster before it was printed. She immediately contacted with me and offered to fix them, and when I realized I sent it to the wrong pick-up location, she offered to drive it to the location closest to me. It was truly exceptional service and I will use phdposters for all of my printing, and will most definitely recommend it to others in my program. Not to mention, the price of printing is half of their competitors. Amazing service and price makes it unbeatable! "

K.D., UNC Chapel Hill (2015-11-11)

"You did a fantastic job. I will use your printing service in the future. No doubt about that."

J.Z., Johns Hopkins University (2015-10-27)

"Thanks for your email. The posters were excellent, I was very pleased with the result and I will certainly recommend your service to friends and colleagues."

M.M, Johns Hopkins Medicine (2015-10-27)

"It was great. Thanks for the great service. We heard about your company from fellow students, and we were not disappointed!"

M.L., Johns Hopkins University (2015-10-14)

"Everything was perfect. It looked great and was well received. I actually recommended you guys to my fellow students."

L.K., Johns Hopkins University (2015-10-14)

"The poster looks wonderful and I really appreciate how you took the time to reach out about the colors not printing well last night!! Thank you so much for the effort you put into making my poster look good, I will definitely recommend your service to my friends!"

Q.R., Johns Hopkins University (2015-10-07)

"I wanted to send you a note of great appreciation. The poster looks FANTASTIC!! Thank you so much for your fast, excellent, and friendly service. I will definitely be recommending you to anyone I know who is making a poster and we will certainly be using your service again!! "

A.D., Johns Hopkins Medicine (2015-09-16)

"The turnaround time and price were terrific and the poster is beautiful. The fabric traveled really well. I'm absolutely recommending you to all my classmates and co-workers!"

M.B., Johns Hopkins Medicine (2015-07-29)

"I am very satisfied with the poster and I have informed all of my fellow interns about this company. Great work, convenient location, efficient turnaround, and certainly the most affordable I could find. Thanks again!"

K.H., Wagner College (2015-07-28)

"Thanks again for the smooth transaction and the double print. The blended poster looks great! I will definitely recommend you for all future poster printing needs."

B.G., Johns Hopkins Medicine (2015-07-28)

"I did receive the poster today and it looks great. The print job is top notch and the service and price are outstanding. I will gladly recommend PhD to my colleagues."

O.W., Duke University (2015-05-14)

"Everything went great! I will definitely recommend it to my friends, since they are all Hopkins students too. Hard to beat local pick-up and low prices! "

K.B., Johns Hopkins University (2015-05-05)

"The posters look fantastic and I am incredibly pleased with your service!!! I will be sure to spread the word to my friends and colleagues, and absolutely will call on your services for any posters in the future. Many thanks."

C.F., UCSF (2015-04-23)

"The conference went well and the poster looked great! There were no problems, and I can't imagine a better experience with the handling of the poster. I will certainly recommend your service to others, it was excellent. Thanks so much for the help! "

S.S., UCLA (2015-04-22)

"The poster printing quality is superb. I will absolutely recommend PhD Poster to my coworkers/friends."

J.J., Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (2015-04-17)

"The poster looks excellent! Thank you for all your help! I will most definitely recommend phd posters to my friends and colleagues. Thank you! "

D.D., Marymount University (2015-04-17)

"Thank you, my poster worked out beautifully and I actually just presented it at the GRC. I loved the silk and it traveled really well. Thanks and I will definitely use PhdPosters again and recommend it to my friends!"

K.C., Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (2015-04-13)

"Great service at competitive prices! I already spread the voice within my department."

N.R., Johns Hopkins School of Medicine (2015-03-25)

"I love how my poster turned out! I recommended PhD posters to my colleagues, and they also submitted posters to you for our upcoming conference. I will definitely be going to you guys for all of my future posters. :) Thank you!"

K.P., Johns Hopkins University (2015-03-24)

"The poster arrived in plenty of time and I was very happy with the result. Thank you so much. You are our lab's go-to poster business and I am sure it will stay that way. Thanks again!"

K.P., Duke University (2015-03-23)

"The posters look wonderful and a few people passing by in the hall admired them... We will definitely pass your information to them."

M.O., University of Maryland (2015-03-20)

"The poster looked great! I have indeed recommended PhD Posters, and a colleague of mine also ordered her poster for this conference with you and loved it as well."

A.M., Instituto Nacional de Salud Publica (2015-03-06)

"It's lovely. This is my third poster via you fellers, and you're consistently spectacular."

K.R., UNC Chapel Hill (2015-03-05)

"The poster looks great! I have used before to order posters, but this was the first time doing so by local pickup at Hopkins. Clearly, the change in location has no impact on poster printing quality. Many thanks."

R.H., Johns Hopkins University (2015-03-03)

"The prompt service and professionalism displayed by PhD Posters far exceeded my expectations. I will not hesitate in recommending you to my colleagues and will definitely use your services in the future."

F.N., SUNY Downstate (2015-01-21)

"I just got back from RSNA (the largest radiology meeting with thousands of presentations). The quality of your posters is as good, if not better, than anything else out there. The ease of ordering/pickup and price point is second to none. I hope that you continue your operations in Richmond and I will not hesitate to recommend your services."

N.C., Virginia Commonwealth University (2014-12-07)

""I did receive it no problem from the bell-staff here?. It looks great!! I'm actually "presenting" it at 6:00 pm and, thanks to you, I'm pretty sure that I'll have one of the nicer looking posters of the bunch. Thank you so much.""

DW, WSU (2014-11-20)

"The poster looked great. It was a super fast and efficient process and I would happily recommend it. Thanks for all your help."

K.P., Weill Cornell Medical College (2014-11-17)

"It looks great! I will definitely recommend you all. You went above and beyond"

D.B., Virginia Commonwealth University (2014-11-14)

"Everything turned out great! All the figures were proportional, no problems. Thank you so much for printing my work quickly and timely. Also, the follow up e-mails with your customers certainly go a long way:) I look forward to doing business with you in the future as my career in research progresses."

A.B., Virginia Commonwealth University (2014-11-04)

"The poster looks fantastic! The colors and image qualities are wonderful! Thanks!"

K.C., Virginia Commonwealth University (2014-10-24)

"The poster was perfect. Our lab has been more than happy with your business, and we tell anyone else who is ordering a poster about you."

J.Y., Virginia Commonwealth University (2014-10-20)

"The service was great, and the printed posters met expectation. PhDPosters was recommended by a colleague -- you've made a convert of our research group and we will certainly share our experience with colleagues."

G.S., Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (2014-10-14)

"Posters looked great and it was easy to upload onine. We are very happy with your service"

P.V., Virginia Commonwealth University (2014-06-02)

"Poster looked great. We really have been happy with the speed, quality and price of your service. Our whole lab started using you and we recommend you to others as well."

L.V., Virginia Commonwealth University (2014-05-22)

"You did a very excellent job. Our lab people also used your service after I introduced your information to them"

C.L., Virginia Commonwealth University (2014-05-06)

"It looks wonderful!!!!! Thank you! I hung your flier in our office."

N.C., Virginia Commonwealth University (2014-05-06)

"Everything about our poster was terrific! It was prompt and high-quality. My group was the only group in the class to work with PhD Posters and it definitely showed - ours was far and away the best, and at a reasonable price. You guys were even willing/able to crop the white margins that showed up when I converted the .pptx file to a .pdf! I will definitely be using PhD Posters again and will recommend you to anyone doing an academic poster."

R.B., Virginia Commonwealth University (2014-05-06)

"The poster is great! I like the bright colors a lot. I will definitely recommend you to my colleagues and will ask for your help again. If you recall, I made mistake in the dimensions. Thanks for saving the day!"

W.T., Virginia Commonwealth University (2014-05-06)

"In all my poster printing experiences, which there have been many this has truly been the easiest! I am new to Boston but will surely continue to use your services as well as tell any one I know looking for a printing service to use you!"

S.M., Boston University (2014-04-03)

"The poster is fantastic! FYI your price is 30% cheaper than Fedex/Kinkos and probably closer to one third the price of printing using Multimedia Services here at Beth Israel. Thank you so much! A fantastic copy at a very affordable price."

N.W., Bethe Israel Deaconess Medical Center (2014-03-11)

"Thanks so much! Was my first time using PhDPosters and was extremely happy with the poster (looked great!) and the service( quick, easy)! Will definitely use you again for future posters. Thanks so much!"

C.C., St. Elizabeths Medical Center (2014-03-11)

"The poster looks fantastic, thank you so much. The colors came out perfectly and everything is crisp and easy to read. Thank you so much. Your service & being able to pick it up on campus were great. I'll definitely recommend you to my colleagues."

C.F., Virginia Commonwealth University (2013-12-02)

"Your service and quality was wonderful. I have already recommended PhD posters to other colleagues."

S.D., Virginia Commonwealth University (2013-12-02)

"I got my poster, thank you! It looks perfect, phenomenal job. Your website was so practical and helpful, and my that was a speedy, efficient process. Couldn't have asked for better. Thanks again!"

T.M., Duke University (2013-10-25)

"Wow, The fabric is great. I took the paper backing off and now it's as amazing as I had hoped -- super thin! This will be so much more convenient than lugging a poster tube through an airport and on public transportation."

A.E., Virginia Commonwealth University (2013-10-10)

"The poster looks great! I will definitely recommend PhD posters to my peers. Most of my group already uses your service."

Z.M., University of Texas Southwestern (2013-10-03)

"The posters look great! We were both impressed with the quality and the service. We will definitely recommend you to our colleagues!"

C.R., University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus (2013-09-04)

"I am EXTREMELY happy with my order. Customer service was fantastic with notifying me at every step and delivery was pleasantly on time, and it looks great! I will absolutely spread the word."

T.L., Westmont College (2013-09-03)

"I just wanted to express my sincere thanks for the wonderful job that you did printing our family tree. It looked beautiful and the relatives were delighted. Also, you fixed the mess I made of the one file vs. four pages, and the shipping went perfectly, too. Again, thank you for your prompt replies, your extra help for clueless customers, and for printing a great product."

S.V., Johns Hopkins University (2013-08-18)

"Everything was fantastic, actually! Thank you very much. I will refer all my friends and lab members to you from now on."

B.M., Virginia Commonwealth University (2013-07-14)

"I'd say you exceeded all expectations and this was one of the most painless poster printing experiences that I've had. I found your website and tips for poster preparation to be particularly helpful, and in the future I will definitely use your company for poster printing."

C.A., UNC Chapel Hill (2013-06-12)

"I couldn't wait until I got to the conference to look at the posters so I took a look last night. They look really good! You make my work look better than it is! =) The paper feels really durable so we can hang it up when we get back and share it with others. Thank you very much for the prompt printing -it is much appreciated! I will definitely tell others about your operation as I was told about it by a fellow colleague."

K.W., University of Colorado Denver (2013-06-08)

"The poster was perfect. I was particularly impressed with the color reproduction. I can honestly say this was the best poster printing experience I've ever had. It's nice not to be disappointed when you unroll the poster for the first time. I will definitely be utilizing your services in the future and I have already recommended you to several people in my department."

D.B., University of Colorado Denver (2013-06-06)

"The poster is gorgeous! I couldn't be more pleased. Thank you for everything and I will definitely recommend you to everyone. Thank you again."

S.J. (2013-06-06)

"Phd Posters is my favorite vendor for poster preparation!"

C.L., Virginia Commonwealth University (2013-06-05)

"All was great- Thanks for checking in. I will continue to recommend you all to my colleagues!"

A.J., UNC Chapel Hill (2013-06-03)

"It was fantastic. I was pleased with how fast it was delivered, the pick up was easy and the quality of the poster was great. Here at my place of work, we all use Phd Posters and I can see why (this was my first time using it). Thanks again and you will be hearing from me soon with another order."

A.W., UNC Chapel Hill (2013-05-23)

"Everything looks awesome! Thanks for the great service. Our company will definitely use you again."

D.B., University of Colorado Denver (2013-05-20)

"You guys are simply awesome! Great quality, low cost, faster-than-light speed. I do not know how you do it. But please keep it up!"

M.A., Brigham & Women's Hospital (2013-05-16)

"Thanks for getting the poster done early! You guys consistently impress!"

J.G., University of Colorado Denver (2013-05-15)

"I tell everyone I know about you guys. My poster, as always (I've printed with you six times this year and twice last year) came out great."

M.M., University of Colorado Denver (2013-05-14)

"The poster is great! I am very satisfied. I will definitely print more posters at your place and will recommend your business to colleagues. Thanks."

Y.C., University of Colorado Denver (2013-05-13)

"The process of printing a poster through PhD Posters was by far the smoothest and least worrisome experience I've had with printing posters. As students, we are stressed enough and you guys effectively removed all stress concerning the printing of my poster! I greatly appreciate it; it turned out wonderful. I will certainly tell my colleagues about the excellent service I've received. Thank you!"

A.K., University of Colorado Denver (2013-05-13)

"The poster looks great - I'm definitely planning on using your service for any future poster needs - Thanks!"

M.H., University of Colorado Denver (2013-05-10)

"The posters just arrived and they are beautiful. Thank you so much for your excellent service. They turned out perfectly. I'm going to circulate the phdposters flyers to our researchers and let them know how great you are."

S.L., Johns Hopkins University (2013-05-01)

"Poster is flawless."

J.B., University of Colorado Denver (2013-05-01)

"It looks wonderful! Thank you so much for your speedy and high quality work! I will definitely recommend my colleagues to your printing services!"

J.N., University of Colorado Denver (2013-05-01)

"The posters look great and arrived without a problem. Thank you! I will definitely use your services again and will recommend you to others."

V.G., Mount Sinai (2013-04-28)

"First, I've never been so pleased (and incredibly thankful) for such wonderful customer service! Your response to my emails concerning any issues were very quick, and because of you, everything went very well. The poster looked very nice, and I'm impressed with the work by PhdPosters! I'll be sure to recommend you to others."

G.H., Duke University (2013-04-24)

"The poster turned out really well! I have no complaints--it was extremely quick and the colors were great . I honestly have no suggestions sonce it was so well done and will definitely recommend you guys. Thank you so much!"

J.O., Duke University (2013-04-23)

"Thanks. It looks great. I believe that all of the other members of our lab will be using your company for printing in the future."

A.S., University of Colorado Denver (2013-04-19)

"The poster looks great. I actually heard about you from a neighboring lab and I was very happy with the turnaround. I submitted my poster after everyone in the lab and was the first person to have it delivered. Thanks again."

M.B., University of Colorado Denver (2013-04-16)

"Thank you so much for following up. I received the poster yesterday. It looks great! Whenever people ask where I get my posters made, I always direct them to you!"

J.M. (2013-04-16)

"The poster looked terrific! Tables came out great. I really appreciated how easy the process was and how clear your website was, and will certainly recommend your service to others at my institution."

J.C., Massachusetts General Hospital (2013-04-12)

"The poster looks wonderful and I received it in time to go to my conference. Thank you so much for your speedy, yet quality work. I really appreciate it and will definitely recommend you to other people in need of poster printing."

L.M., University of Minnesota (2013-04-12)

"I picked up my poster today and everything looks good. You guys did an excellent job and the next-day, on-campus pickup was wonderful. I will certainly be recommending you to my friends."

M.D., University of Colorado Denver (2013-04-09)

"Thank you! Yes, I was quickly and easily able to pick up my poster yesterday morning and am truly thrilled with the result. The poster looks wonderful (high quality printing, nice paper weight, etc.) and the price was perfect for a student budget. I'll certainly recommend PhD Posters to my fellow students. "

E.C., Boston University (2013-04-02)

"The poster arrived and it looks great! I'm very pleased with the quality and speed of this service. I will definitely recommend you to other colleagues at my conference.Thanks again for the service and checking up on it! "

A.B., Duke University (2013-03-28)

"I have accepted my poster, and it looks AMAZING!!!!! Thank you so much. I may even have another copy of it printed to be able to hang it in one of my exam rooms. I will definately recommend you to other friends, collegues, and students. Thank you again so much. Doing business with your company was a pleasure."

K.F., Troy University (2013-03-28)

"I got a lot of praises for how great my poster was. I am definitely spreading the word."

C.C., National Jewish Health (2013-03-23)

"Thanks! The poster arrived today and I just wanted to say that it looks exactly how I envisioned it. You guys are great! I'll definitely recommend you to anyone I know who needs a poster."

L.M. (2013-03-21)

"Thank you so much!!! I recommended your company to my colleague!"

M.T., Boston University (2013-03-19)

"I am thrilled with the poster! High quality, fast, and relatively cheap is a rare combination, but you guys have it. I really appreciated the guidelines on the website about checking the resolution of images and the scale of the pdf. I was able to catch an image that would have otherwise printed rather poorly. I've already recommended you guys to a few of the postdocs on our floor."

C.G., University of Colorado Denver (2013-03-19)

"The poster looks great and the process of ordering and picking it up could not have been easier. Thank you!"

K.G., University of Colorado Denver (2013-03-19)

"The poster is beautiful and came out perfectly! I didn't have any problems and felt that the site was easy to navigate and understand. Thank you for all of your help!"

M.K., Duke University (2013-03-18)

"As always, the posters turned out perfect. They look absolutely great. We were happy to give you our business and look forward to many more in the future!"

A.L., University of Colorado Denver (2013-03-17)

"The poster was there this morning and everything was great! It looked great and I got a lot of compliments on the quality of the poster. Thank you so much for helping me - especially since I sent a lot of last minute emails!"

K.S., Duke University (2013-03-14)

"I was extremely pleased with the posters and I will definitely use your services the next time I need posters printed. I will also gladly recommend you to my colleagues."

J.D., Virginia Commonwealth University (2013-03-14)

"You were highly recommended by a colleague so I had high expectations. And you exceeded them! I'll definitely spread the word. Thanks!"

J.T., Duke University (2013-03-14)

"They look fantastic. Very happy, and yes, I'll spread the word... I got a recommendation from a doc here on campus to use phdposters and the service and product are better than I expected."

K.S., UNC Chapel Hill (2013-03-08)

"The poster looks awesome - thank you for accommodating the smaller size request. I will definitely recommend you to my colleagues!"

G.D., University of Colorado Denver (2013-03-08)

"It was great. I was incredibly happy with the poster and have been telling all my friends about your services! Thank you very much!!!"

M.A., University of Colorado Denver (2013-03-07)

"Everything was wonderful! I will definitely recommend your services to anyone. Thank you so much!"

T.C., University of Colorado Denver (2013-03-07)

"Everything was great. I already recommended you to two friends who got posters from you and have told many more. Thanks for great prompt service at a great price."

M.G., University of Colorado Denver (2013-03-07)

"I was just about to send you a thank you note! I picked up it today and it looked perfect! BTW, last time the poster you guys printed won me the best poster for our program retreat. Thanks again for delivering my poster! Our whole floor is using PhdPosters now and I am definitely going to recommend you guys to others!"

Y.H., University of Colorado Denver (2013-03-01)

"Thank you so much for handling UNC School of Dentistry's large order. All the posters look great and the process went smoothly. Your company is very professional, your product high caliber, and your prices reasonable. Our school will be using in the future for any large-format printing needs."

S.M., UNC Chapel Hill (2013-02-27)

"Thank for your inquiry - to be perfectly frank, I couldn't have had a better experience. The online ordering process was easy and straightforward, the turnaround time was much faster than expected, and the final product was stellar. I've already mentioned these comments to my division to potentially use your services in the future. Thanks for a great experience!"

K.S., UNC Chapel Hill (2013-02-26)

"The poster was fantastic, and the process was very simple and straightforward. Thank you so much! My students and I will definitely be using you again."

S.S., Virginia Commonwealth University (2013-02-25)

"The posters arrived this morning and I am already well on the way of framing them and will be hanging them tomorrow morning for the exhibition. They look very good. Thank you very much for the excellent work and excellent support that you have provided in this project!"

J.V., Historic Vienna, Inc. (2013-02-22)

"Thanks a lot. I received the poster on time and it looks great. I would definitely use your service again and would also recommend you to my colleagues."

S.M., University of Texas Medical Branch (2013-02-18)

"Yes I picked up my poster and it looks great. Thank you so much for your great service and I will definitely recommend you to everyone I know."

H.R., University of Colorado Denver (2013-02-13)

"The posters looked great and arrived on time. I will definitely spread the word to my colleagues. I know our lab really likes the fabric posters, so we will all be ordering those from you guys."

K.R. (2013-02-06)

"Hey, I just all the messages from satisfied customers, and that reminded me that I always wanted to get back to you regarding my poster that I picked up two weeks ago... It was the first time I tried a fabric poster because I had to choose between checking more luggage because of the poster tube or fold the poster and put it in my carry-on. So, since I had to also choose between paying for the one or the other, I decided to go with the "travel light" option and try the fabric poster. I was so impressed! The colors are crisp, the font sharp, and the semi-matte shine looks elegant, yet professional. And guess what? - I received and Outstanding Poster Award which might be attributable to the data I presented, but certainly also to the way it was presented. Thanks so much!"

F.K., Duke University (2013-02-04)

"The posters arrived in great condition, and I will absolutely continue to recommend you to my colleagues. Thanks!"

E.F., University of Utah (2013-02-01)

"Thanks for all of your help. My poster arrived on time at the conference center just like you said. It was a pleasure doing business with you guys."

D.K., Harvard University (2013-01-28)

"Yes, of course I'll recommend you and will print my future posters with you! Great quality, reasonable pricing, and what impressed me most is the "unbeatable" speed. Thanks for this awesome service."

A.P., University of Colorado Denver (2013-01-25)

"Many thanks! This is the second poster I have ordered from Phd Posters, and I have been very happy both times with the quality, convenience, and pricing of the service. I'll surely be ordering again for my next conference!"

J.L., USF (2013-01-24)

"The poster looks great. Everything looks exactly like it did on the computer screen, and I am very pleased with the color reproduction and resolution of all the images. My PI was also very impressed with the product, and I would definitely recommend your service to anyone who needs to print a poster."

N.S., UNC Chapel Hill (2013-01-24)

"The poster looks great! Thank you for being so helpful and making this process so easy! I will certainly use your services again and recommend it to others."

R.P., Gallaudet University (2013-01-23)

"I picked up the posters today and they looked great! Thank you again... I heard about the company through a professional colleague and have had such a positive experience that I will also be recommending PhD Posters to others."

S.E., UNC Chapel Hill (2013-01-20)

"Thank you again for printing them so they were ready the next day! They look great! I will definitely be recommending your printing service to others!"

C.F., University of Colorado Denver (2013-01-15)

"I did want to let you know that we were really pleased with how the posters turned out. I trusted you guys, but my lab members were a little leery of online poster mail order. They were REALLY impressed. One of the nicest things was that the paper (somehow) doesn't curl enough though it was rolled really tight in the tube. The quality of the paper was also better than they are used to. Our boss loved the price and it was really nice that it could be shipped to the conference so I didn't have to tote it on the plane. All in all a great experience."

L.A., Hauptman-Woodward Medical Research Institute (2013-01-11)

"Thank you so much for all your help, and the poster was just the way I wanted it! Thanks!"

P.S. (2012-12-27)

"Amazing turnaround. Amazing price. Amazing product! I am hooked and will recommend that our research folks ditch their 9day more expensive methods and use you. Picking up at HSL could not be easier!!"

D.M., UNC Chapel Hill (2012-12-18)

"Thanks for taking care of the poster. It arrived early and it looks great! Much appreciated!"

C.C., University of Colorado Denver (2012-12-14)

"Poster looks great. I already spread the word here at the conference I'm attending -- the poster's our lab has printed with PhD posters have been the highest-quality posters I've ever seen, and for by far the lowest cost, and with the fastest turn-around. To say I'm satisfied is a massive understatement. I will never print my posters anywhere else, if I can help it."

M.M., University of Colorado Denver (2012-12-14)

"Poster looks great. I already spread the word here at the conference I'm attending -- the poster's our lab has printed with PhD posters have been the highest-quality posters I've ever seen, and for by far the lowest cost, and with the fastest turn-around. To say I'm satisfied is a massive understatement. I will never print my posters anywhere else, if I can help it."

M.M., University of Colorado Denver (2012-12-14)

"Everything looked great - will definitely continue to recommend to others! This is such a great resource to have right on campus - i love it!"

K.S., UC Denver (2012-12-11)

"I just got back from a conference where my group presented this poster. Thank you for the speedy print and shipping. This is actually the second time we've used your company (previously ordered from the Boston location), and we are all pleased with the quality and pricing. Thank you for following up as well."

D.T., Northeastern University (2012-12-09)

"The poster was of excellent quality and right on time. I will gladly recommend you to colleges."

M.O., Cal Tech (2012-12-09)

"We just hung our posters and they look excellent! Thanks so much and thank you for getting them to us so early Thurs morning!"

D.A., UC Denver (2012-12-09)

"The poster looks fantastic. The only problem was my silly typo!! I will definitely use the service again and recommend it to others. I had no idea you were on campus until this week and am thrilled at how fast and convenient the service was."

K.B., UNC Chapel Hill (2012-12-04)

"Thank you so much. I picked up my poster today and it looks GREAT! My PI was impressed on how great it looked and how fast it printed. I made sure to tell her that I got it from PhD posters, especially since our building is so close to the Health Sciences library, where I picked it up. I'm presenting my poster tomorrow so I'll make sure to mention where I printed it if anyone asks. I don't think there's any way to improve that I can see."

B.Z., UNC Chapel Hill (2012-12-04)

"Grabbed my poster this morning and it looks great. Thanks! I'll definitely be recommending you. The prices are great and the poster quality is every bit as good as the other places. Plus, you can't beat the convenience! Thanks again."

J.W., UC Denver (2012-12-03)

"Thank you for your help. I have printed many posters, but this is my first with you. I was very pleased with the submission process, turn around time, price, and convenient pick up options. You are the first service that I have used with a straightforward protocol - university run services are unwilling to commit to deadlines (when you should turn it in, when they will be done with it). Thank you for such great service and keep up the good work!"

S.M., NC State University (2012-11-29)

"Thanks so much Amy! It's perfect, thank you! Your service is so great! I've been recommending you to everyone I talk to!!"

H.A., Duke University (2012-11-28)

"Everything was perfect. I had never used your company before and was worried all week end about not receiving the poster in time etc. but you exceeded my expectations!! I would not change anything. It was easy with your help. Delivery was prompt and the poster was great. I did not think it would be so easy to order and have it delivered. I will definitely be using your services again if I need to have this done."

D.H., UNC Chapel Hill (2012-11-20)

" The poster looked wonderful, thank you so much for all of you help!! I will definitely recommend you to my friends/colleagues. Thank you again!"

A.K., Johns Hopkins (2012-11-19)

"If everyone did business like you guys the world would be a very different (better!) place. Everything worked perfectly: from the website instructions, to file upload , to payment, to delivery. I have no comments. I hope you will soon extend to many other places. "

M.V., Duke University (2012-11-07)

"Give yourself a giant hug! I am sooooo impressed with you guys. I have been giving poster presentation since my undergraduate days in the mid 1990s. This year is THE FIRST time EVER that I was able to get my poster printed within 24 hours, from ppt, WITHOUT any glitches, headaches, reprints, etc. You guys are awesome! If you have fliers, I will post them around our department, although I think everyone is already aware that you exist....:)"

A.G., Duke University (2012-11-04)

"We love the poster! Its quality is much better than that of Kinko's put side-by-side."

G.T., Virginia Commonwealth University (2012-11-01)

"I have already been letting my friends know about what a great job you guys do. In fact some of my friends are printing with you now...I believe because I told him what a fantastic job you do! Hopefully you'll get more as I told everyone in the lab!!"

A.V., Virginia Commonwealth University (2012-11-01)


J.H., CU Denver (2012-10-26)

"Poster got there and was perfect- thanks. I really appreciate your help with it and I have passed along your info to folks for future posters and I plan on using you all again for my next conferences. Thanks so much!"

N.M., Brown University (2012-10-23)

"I've been meaning to write to you and tell you that my poster was the hit of the session at my conference last weekend! It attracted a great deal of attention, and everyone asked who printed it. They thought you did a fantastic job, and everyone was impressed with the clarity and size. So many presenters brought much smaller posters or just assembled a bulletin board from pieces of paper, so your work really stood out. I gave several people your information. Two journal editors expressed interest in publishing my paper as a result of your poster, too. I cannot thank you enough for doing such beautiful work! I will be in touch again."

A.S., CU Boulder (2012-10-23)

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L.S., UC Denver (2012-10-08)

"Yes, everything looks great, as usual. We love your service, so fast and so economical. We had 2 posters for the meeting this year, and for various reasons, one had to be printed through their Call4Posters service. The other we were able to use your service. The difference in price was $199 versus $55. No difference in quality."

N.K., (2012-10-05)

"Not only did I receive my poster but I also won an award for it so thank you. I will be recommending it to all my peers :)"

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G.H., Westmont College (2012-08-22)


A.C., Harvard Medical School (2012-08-16)

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"Thanks for your help in getting this printed -- everything came out splendidly. I have been very frustrated trying to do this by myself manually for a previous poster, so am very thankful for your service and good price! "

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J.B., Brigham & Women's Hospital (2012-08-01)

"I'm a clinical pulmonologist here at VCU and just wanted to let you know of a good experience with PhD last month. I went to a clinical conference in Orlando in June and presented 4 posters. 3 were prepared by PhD posters. My previous experience was with Tomkins-McCaw. Turn around time was impressive (within a day), they delivered the posters right to me, and the cost is very good. I don't do basic science, but did have histology pictures on one poster, graphs on another, and several pictures on the 3rd...all images had very good clarity. After I submitted things on-line, they sent back a "proof" that I could view to get a better understanding of the poster clarity after file conversion...I could review this before the poster was made.... I was quite pleased."

D.G., VCU (2012-07-29)

"I received it yesterday and it is beautiful! I have already recommended to all of my colleagues who are spread around the southern states. Thanks again! I will definitely use you in the future!"

K.B. (2012-07-28)

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"Thanks again so much! Everyone in our lab has been beyond impressed by how well the posters turned out. We are so pleased with the canvas and can't believe how great it looks! Thank you again for your help and we truly hope that PhD Posters continues to provide canvas printing. It makes traveling with a poster so much easier!"

E.S., Duke University (2012-06-28)

"The poster came in yesterday and it looks great! Thank you for all of your help and I will certainly recommend your services to my colleagues."

V.B., Brown University (2012-06-27)

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G.C., Virginia Commonwealth University (2012-06-13)

"I just want to thank you for doing such a great job on my poster! I am happy to let you know that my poster won first place in the education category at the National Association of Orthopaedic Nurses Convention in New Orleans last month!"

E.B., Duke Raleigh Hospital (2012-06-06)

"Thank you so much! You did a GREAT job on my poster! I will happily let others know that I went through phd posters for it!"

A.S., UNC Greensboro (2012-05-24)

"I just wanted to say thinks so much for the great service! Ordering my poster from your website was very easy, and the poster was ready so soon! I ordered on a Friday night and it was ready Monday by noon! And the pickup location was so convenient!"

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M.P., Children's Hospital Boston (2012-04-25)

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S.M., Duke University (2012-04-18)


C.H., UNC Chapel Hill (2012-04-17)

"The poster arrived earlier today. It looks great! This was the first time I had ever used Phd Posters and I have to say I'm quite impressed. Excellent quality, user-friendly website, great service and low cost."

R.H., Johns Hopkins University (2012-04-12)

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L.O., Boston University (2012-04-11)

"The poster looked great and exceeded my expectations! It must have impressed the judges as well because the poster won 3rd prize at my department retreat! Thanks again for your flexibility, patience and quality of work. I made sure to hand out all the business cards that were included in my poster tube! I am definitely recommending PhD posters to friends and colleagues!"

L.M., Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (2012-04-10)

"Thanks for the swift processing and shipping! I appreciate it. Already +1ed on Google plus:)"

P.B. (2012-04-07)

"I had a really positive experience recently working on a poster order with Amy Kapral and her staff here. I'm currently teaching a class in which my 13 students had to design a poster session for a conference. The project was pretty stressful, but Amy made sure the poster-printing part went absolutely smoothly. She gave me clear directions on how to put our order together, was prompt and helpful with all of my questions and made sure the posters were printed quickly when I requested a shorter turn around. The posters came out looking great; my students and I were really happy with the results. It was a real pleasure working with Amy."

A.D., Duke University (2012-04-02)

"You provide such fabulous service - and at a great cost - I will certainly spread the word!"

A.P. (2012-03-30)

"I can't tell you how delighted I am with this poster. The quality is crystal clear, everything is accurate to my computer's absolutely perfect! It took a good three or four minutes for me to stop staring at it. I will recommend PhD posters to the entire Psychology Honors program when it comes time for them to print their posters. I couldn't be more happy with you all."

J.B., UNC Chapel Hill (2012-03-25)

"Thanks for following up on the order. I did pick up the poster today and everything's perfect. I'm very pleased with the quality of the poster and speed of this order."

B.C., Duke University (2012-03-19)

"I was very happy with my poster - the colors look great and looks like you did well with the custom size. Also, the quick turn around time and easy pick up location made it very convenient!"

K.G., Duke University (2012-03-18)

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C.J., Duke University (2012-03-15)

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A.V., UNC Chapel Hill (2012-03-14)

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A.H., Children's Hospital Boston (2012-03-13)

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K.D., Harvard Graduate School of Education (2012-03-07)

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M.P., UNC Chapel Hill (2012-03-06)

"It Looked great and have definitely recommended, but am happy to spread the word more broadly"

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"Everything was right as usual. I will continue to recommend your services to others. There has not been anyone yet that has not thanked me for recommending you. Your strength is to combine professional services with personal attention at competitive prices and a great turn around time."

F.J., Duke University (2012-03-04)

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J.K., UNC Chapel Hill (2012-01-31)

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P.S. (2011-12-12)

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E.P., UNC Chapel Hill (2011-12-06)

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K.E., Duke University (2011-12-01)

"Everything arrived fine! Thank you for being so accommodating. PhD Posters is a great service."

T.A., Quinnipiac University (2011-11-16)

"It's always a pleasure to do business with you, you've saved my [butt] multiple times in the past :) The poster turned out great as usual, and it won something at the pharm retreat, thanks!"

C.L., UNC Chapel Hill (2011-11-09)

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K.Z., Duke University (2011-11-09)

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J.O., UNC Chapel Hill (2011-11-08)

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M.K., Duke University (2011-10-24)

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"I got it and I am VERY happy with the poster. In fact, I ordered another one earlier this evening - it should be in your inbox. Looking forward to working with you more often. And I definitively recommend you."

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J.D., Emory University (2011-09-30)

"The poster turned out fantastic and I am very pleased with the service provided by PhD Posters. I will most definitely use your service for all of my posters in the future. You were recommended to me by a fellow student, and I will not look elsewhere for any future printing."

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"I know a couple of my colleagues have used PhDPosters before, but I hadn't -- and I was so pleased with the faster, cheaper, more convenient alternative to Kinko's."

E.F., Duke University (2011-09-27)

"I just picked up this order and #19730. Everything looks great. Thanks so much for all of your help throughout this process, and we will definitely come to you again for future printing projects. You all do great work."

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"I have been meaning to write since my conference. I wanted to let you know that you did an exceptional job on my poster. The quality of the printing was amazing. I actually was asked by quite a few people where I had it printed. I cannot thank you enough for the great work you did. I will definitely be in touch the next time I need a poster. Thanks again!"

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B.B., UNC Chapel Hill (2011-08-03)

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A.F. (2011-06-17)

"Thanks a lot for your mail. The poster looked amazing. And I found it on campus without any problem whatsoever. Super service, really good value and just great all around."

A.H., Harvard Medical School (2011-06-17)

"This is the first time I have used PhD Posters, and I am beyond impressed. The efficiency, quick turnaround and attention to detail (like noticing one of my figures was blurry, where I somehow missed that) - not to mention your prices - makes you guys the best around! Thanks for everything!"

J.R., UNC Chapel Hill (2011-06-17)

"Thank you. This was my first time using PhDPosters and I am very impressed with the quality of the color and sharpness of the figures! This is definitely the best looking poster I have had in a long while."

L.R., UNC Chapel Hill (2011-06-15)

"It was awesome!!! Great color rendering, crisp blacks in greyscale and the inks don't smear. Where have you been all my life? And I get to pick it up next to my favorite cafe."

A.F., UNC Chapel Hill (2011-06-15)

"You guys are fantastic. I got the poster today and it looks great! I was also very happy that you were able to use the revised file that I sent you. I have already told friends about your service and some of them have already "liked" your Facebook page."

D.H., Johns Hopkins (2011-06-14)

"I did pick up my poster and it is fabulous! I especially love that it comes with a carrying tube. I have been referring colleagues to you for awhile now and will definitely continue to do so."

J.S., Duke University (2011-06-09)

"Remarkable! No complains whatsoever. You bet I'll be recommending you! And great customer service!"

M.N., Divers Alert Network (DAN) (2011-06-09)

"The poster looked great. You really did a good and speedy (which was most appreciated) job with it. I've already started recommending your facilities to my colleagues, and you can already start counting my lab among your customers."

P.Y., Children's Hospital Boston (2011-06-08)

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M.B. (2011-06-06)

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Y.T., Harvard Medical School (2011-06-02)

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"I received the poster & it looks great! I'm happy that my first official poster as a PhD came from you all & at such a great quality and price. Thanks for your quick work & great customer service."

N.B. (2011-05-27)

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A.M., Duke University (2011-05-26)

"The poster looks great. I appreciate the speedy turnaround and reasonable price. I have recommended your service to others in my office and expect another poster to be made in the next few weeks by a colleague."

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"We will definitely be using your service again! The posters look terrific, your customer service was wonderful, and the prices are hard to beat."

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"Thank you so much for inquiring about my poster which by the way turned out quite nice thanks to all your help. I sincerely appreciate it and will definitely recommend PHD posters to my friends and colleagues no doubt about that."

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"Thanks again for getting the posters to me today; they look better than I expected, and I'm telling everone how great your service is."

A.B., Duke University (2011-05-18)

"Wonderful job!! I really appreciate the quality, and the turn around time. I will definitely recommend it!"

T.N., Duke University (2011-05-18)

"I did pickup my poster this morning. I was very impressed by the quality and being able to pick up first thing the next day on campus, super convenient."

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"Excellent as always. As far as I am concerned you have no competition. "

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"Everything looks great, and I am super-happy with the poster. I will definitely be recommending PhDposters to all my friends. Thanks for the quick turnaround and excellent customer service!"

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"The poster arrived in a timely fashion and looks fantastic as usual. I use you guys every time I have a conference to attend and I have recommended you to all my fellow students. Most folks in my lab use your service because the product you turn out just looks great and you are so easy to deal with. Thanks again for being one less thing to worry about!"

A.J., University of Virginia (2011-05-09)

"Improvements? Yeah right. This is the best poster printing service I've ever dealt with. I sent my poster in at 5:15 pm on Monday and it was printed and delivered by 10:00 am on Tuesday. Plus the poster was great quality. Toss in reasonable prices and regular email correspondence and you guys are amazing."

A.V., UNC Chapel Hill (2011-05-04)

"Everything was great as always. I'm going to keep using your service to print my posters for every conference, and the results have always been perfect. Do you want me to keep responding every time and let you know that is the case? Haha."

K.C., Duke University (2011-05-04)

"It was fantastic thank you! I will absolutely recommend y'all to friends! Already told my professors."

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"Very pleased with the results, service, and price. I will definitely be giving recommendations."

K.P., Duke University (2011-04-27)

"Thank you for checking in. I believe you are providing excellent service! It is the first time that we had to make a poster (this was a group project for a class at school) and we had to learn a lot since neither of us is very computer savvy. However, using PhD poster service was easy with clear instructions and quick service (and best price in town ;-) Keep up the good work you are doing!"

V.K., UNC Chapel Hill (2011-04-22)

"Thank you for your time and for checking up. Everything went very smoothly and the poster looks great. I truly appreciate your diligence in ensuring that my poster was taken care of. Have an excellent week. "

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"Once again, you came through in a pinch. My student's poster looks great! You were a great resource when I was a grad student and postdoc, and now that I have my own lab, I'll continue to use you for all my posters, and to encourage my students to do the same."

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K.E. (2011-03-30)

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"It looks amazing! We are so impressed with your services. Your customer service, quality and speed of delivery could not have been better. We will definitely recommend you to our colleagues and will be using you again."

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H.K. (2011-03-10)

"Thank you very much and you have done a wonderful job in a short duration of time, as always. I have suggested to few other departments about PhDposters. I wish you all a great success."

B.M., Duke University (2011-03-10)

"I'm now in San Antonio at my conference and I present the poster on Thursday afternoon. It looks really great. Colors are perfect. All lines are laser crisp. And I used the Duke logos you all provide on the website. Coupled with the PPT-->PDF conversion instructions, I was able to maintain the image resolution, which I had not successfully solved in thet past. Thanks again for another job well done!"

J.G., Duke University (2011-03-10)

"I finally had the opportunity to check out the poster. It looks great, as they have in the past. I appreciate the service you provide. I have recommended to my colleagues here at Duke in the past and will continue to do so. We are lucky to have your business here."

J.L., Duke University (2011-03-04)

"The poster is awesome and everything worked out great! I don't think the process could be any easier. I think 4 of my lab colleagues also printed their posters with you - and they all were great. Thanks!!"

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"The poster turned out better than I expected. Thank you for you time to answer my questions and quick turn around. Now on to my first presentation at a national convention. I will use you again in the future"

R.S. (2011-02-25)

"The poster did arrive, and was great, as usual. Thanks again for the great service and quality product. I forgot to add a note to the poster this time, but was able to print out a flyer for PhDPosters, and will be mounting that as well as the poster when I present it."

R.S., Kennedy Krieger Institute (2011-02-22)

"It looks absolutely perfect! Even with shipping, it ended up being over $20 cheaper than getting it printed at a local shop."

T.M., University of Iowa (2011-02-21)

"Poster was great...thanks, Amy. I always have good things to say about you."

E.H., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (2011-02-21)

"Thanks for this, and everything lookes perfect, and I got it alright. Thanks again for your excellent service everytime!"

T.I., UCSD (2011-02-21)

"Everything is great. In fact, the service was so hassle-free and fast that I'm passing along the PhD Posters info to my colleagues at UW-Madison. Even with shipping, the poster printing you all do would be more reasonable, easier, and faster than most of the local options there. I'll definitely tell everyone here at Duke to use PhD Posters."

J.P., Duke University (2011-02-15)

"It looks kick-ass. You fine people run an exceptional service."

K.R., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (2011-02-14)

"The poster looked great, thanks. I'll gladly refer anyone who asks me at Duke. (I was actually refered to you all from someone the next lab over)."

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"Thanks for the note. The poster looks wonderful, and I am really really happy with your service! I'll be using you for all my future poster printing needs!"

E.H., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (2010-11-12)

"Thanks so much for all your help getting both posters printed out. I really appreciate how easy/quick it was to communicate with you, especially since I was also responsible for my friend's poster and I wanted to make sure everything worked out for her :) Our lab just ordered a ton of posters from your site and I think we all had a great experience so we'll definitely be ordering again for our next conference!"

E.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (2010-11-11)

"Thanks so much! Everything looks great. Sorry I made a mistake, but thanks so much for making the changes after I'd put in the order. PhD Posters is great - you have my support! :-)"

L.W., Duke University (2010-11-09)

"Everything looks great, and the turn-around time was amazing! You guys/girls are running a great operation. I've been using/recommending PhD posters for the past 3 years, and I've never been let down!"

G.C., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (2010-09-16)

"The poster looks awesome! I was worried that the backgrounds on some of the fluorescent images would be different shades of black due to contrast adjustments, but it all looks great. :-) I've already got my whole lab hooked on you guys - you're much nicer and faster than the poster printers available to grad students through the school. Thanks so much!"

C.C., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (2010-08-13)

"Everything was great! We promptly managed to spill a cup of water all over it, but managed to mop it up without any apparent damage. You can advertise your product as being water resistant. :) Thanks again, we have been using PhD Posters for many years, and will continue to refer you to our colleagues."

J.L., Duke University (2010-06-30)

"The poster looks great. This was an easy, painless process, and best of all the price was great for a shop that isn't local. We'll definitely recommend your service to our friends!"

P.S., Georgia (2010-06-15)

"Thank you so much! I have already recommended you to every student who hasn't had a poster session yet! I was so impressed with the speed and price, which was as advertised, but then the extra effort you took to ensuring top quality images was really above and beyond considering I waited until the last day to turn in that poster for printing. Thank you so much for everything, and don't worry I have already and will continue to recommend your services."

E.C., Duke University (2010-04-25)

"Thanks again for expediting my order on Wed! The poster was great and exceeded my expectations, especially in regard to the images. I've printed posters before with Kinkos and the resolution would be compromised. But you guys did a far better job! Another grad student in my lab also had the same impression. You guys also have a faster turnaround than Kinkos. I will definitely be recommending you guys to fellow colleagues. Also feel free to use my review as a testimonial if it'll help you guys."

M.W., Duke University (2010-04-09)

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S.S., Partners Healthcare (2010-04-02)

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A.P., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (2009-12-08)

"Thank you so much for your helpful tips and the speediness. It's great dealing with you."

M.M., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (2009-11-24)

"Just wanted to say, you guys rock. I've been sending you as much business as possible from my own students as well as a recent Duke conference. Thanks again."

J.L., Duke University (2009-11-06)

"Thank you!! I picked up my posters and they look great! I guess the Mac conversion to .pdf bug does not effect Mac OS 10.6.1 (Snow Leopard) when converting a Mac 2008 Powerpoint Slide into a .pdf document. Thank you again and I will be certain to recommend you highly to my colleagues. Have a great day."

K.O., Partners Healthcare (2009-10-22)

"I had a great experience ordering my poster with you. Easy, fast, and clear communication by e-mail. No hassles. For sure, I will recommend to my friends and colleagues. Please, congratulate all members of your team."

M.H., Duke University (2009-10-19)

"This is the second poster I have done with PhD Posters and I am now more committed than ever to using your service. I appreciate your almost immediate sense of involvement with the poster creation process. The gallery and educational links were constructive and promote model presentations. I have shared this fabulous resource with my colleagues and will encourage residents and my clinical associates to make use of this creative aspect of presenting science to others. Thanks again for you excellent service."

L.K., Philadelphia, PA (2009-10-15)

"You guys are awesome. I want to thank you SO MUCH for accommodating me w/ the order placed after 5pm and the next morning such student-friendly prices. I have already put up a flyer about PhD posters from your website in my lab for the incoming students to see. I have only great things to say about the service. I REALLY appreciate the detailed and accurate instructions for converting the ppt file to pdf format. Whoever wrote those instructions was a goddess. Much appreciated."

V.K., Duke University (2009-09-27)

"Service, convenience, quality, value, communication all were great. I have already recommended you to several colleagues."

J.C., Harvard University (2009-09-22)

"Your performance was flawless. The poster was done correctly and on time as promised. This was my first poster presentation, and I thank you for a job well done. I will definitely look to PhD Posters for my next poster, and I have already recommended it to my fellow students."

W.P., University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill (2009-09-16)

"They look fabulous. Thank you for a quality and affordable product. We hope to use them for several years."

D.W., UNC Medical Center (2009-09-10)

"Under the favor of you, I go the Best Poster Presentation Award ($1,000 business travel award) today!! Thank you very much for your great help!"

Y.M., Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (2009-08-20)

"I actually just finished my poster presentation - the poster looked great! I will definitely recommend PhD posters to my colleagues - you guys are wonderful! I was impressed with both the quality & how quickly it was completed."

S.M., Duke University (2009-08-10)

"The poster looks great - thanks so much for your help with it! Also, I was really happy with the whole experience; I'll be back!"

D.W., Duke University (2009-07-28)

"The poster looked great and the images were perfect! I would definitely recommend you to anyone who asks. You all do fantastic work. Thanks."

G.H., Duke University (2009-06-19)

"Posters look great and the process was painless. Excellent quality and price."

D.P., Harvard Medical School (2009-06-18)

"How surprised I was to return home from an out-of-town trip Saturday evening to find the poster! It is beautiful and I haven't seen any problems. You folks rock! Your customer service is awesome! I will definitely tell my friends and colleagues about your business."

C.S., UNC Greensboro (2009-06-15)

"I thought you did a great job helping me with the poster! You were always prompt and gave me the information I needed. Trying to find me a high res Pitt logo was above and beyond. I just got back from the conference and people seemed to like the poster - thanks again for all the help and I will be recommending your service to anyone who has posters to print (oh and please don't change your prices - even after overnight priority shipping the price was well less than what I'd pay at Kinko's). Hope you're well!"

T.S., University of Pittsburgh (2009-05-17)

"I received my poster yestreday, and I am very pleased with the way it turned out. I want to thank you for taking the extra time to look it over before printing it, as it would not have looked so good the way I sent it!!! Yikes! You were recommended to me by collegues and I am very happy I listened to their advice. You went the extra mile to ensure that I receive a quality product and quality service, and I appreciate that very much. I will definately recommend your services to my collegues and friends. Thanks again!"

A.M., Methodist University (2009-05-15)

"Looks great. I've been telling everyone about you guys - you're saving us a lot of money, and it's very convenient. Thanks."

M.C., Harvard Medical School (2009-05-14)

"I am in Seattle now with the poster. You were recommended by one of my colleagues, who you may not know this, got the best poster award last week, poster printed from you. Anyway, I shall continue to recommend you most heartily, since you accomodated my calls and case and were so flexible to get it to me on time. Appreciate it much."

S.J., Harvard (2009-05-08)

"Yes, I got the poster and it looks fantastic. I've emailed Ian a few times back and forth over the past week, and I've been very satisfied about his efficient and detailed responses. I was concerned about the timing of when I could finalize the poster file and send it for printing. He said you guys at PhD Posters would print it Tuesday, if received by 5 PM and ship on Wednesday, and that's exactly what happened. I like it when these last minute projects are completed to every one's satisfaction. So, thanks for inquiring about the poster. I also sent a backup to the hotel where I'll be staying near the conference, and they have received it as well. The tracking info is a good tool that I appreciate also. Great work and a satisfied customer. It doesn't get much better than that."

D.W., Optherion Inc. (2009-04-30)

"YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!! I'll never use anyone else for my posters. Wish I'd googled this years ago!"

T.B., Illinois Early Intervention Training Program (2009-04-27)

"It looks fantastic! Thanks very much - we will definitely be recommending phdposters to everyone we meet :)."

X.X., New York City (2009-04-22)

"It came out wonderful and everyone asked about where I got it from. I told them the website and the price and then they were doubly interested since most of them had paid more and had smaller posters. The process was quick and easy and I am so grateful you were able to get the poster to me in such a short period of time. Thank you for everything and I will definitely keep recommending you to others in the future."

D.M., New York (2009-04-08)

"Thanks all! I put your logo on my poster and had many compliments. I'm guessing you'll be getting quite a lot of business from the ASU anthropology department in the next few years - everyone was very impressed with your services!"

L.C., Arizona State University (2009-04-07)

"Just thought I'd let you in on some happy news. The poster you printed the other week helped me win one of the five student prizes presented at the Annual Meeting of the Am. Assoc. of Physical Anthropologists last week in Chicago! I've also included my friend [L.C.] from Arizona St. in this email, she had a poster printed from PhD Posters too (dunno which location) and also won one of the student prizes!! Thanks for your great work, the posters looked great and obviously were well received!"

D.G., The George Washington University (2009-04-06)

"I've used PhdPosters for all of my conference posters for several years, and have always had a wonderful experience. I recommended you to everyone who would listen at Duke and now that I'm at another school I'm spreading the word there too. You guys always do a fantastic job and are always such a pleasure to work with. Thank you for your great work!"

M.H., University of North Carolina at Pembroke (2009-03-31)

"I was very pleased with the poster. Thanks to your input the graphs were clear and it looked very professional. When we hung it up at the conference it looked great. I will recommend you to anyone and will use you in the future. Thanks."

J.M., Forsyth Medical Center (2009-03-30)

"The poster has come out perfect. I appreciate your immediate response, reliability and the quick turn around time."

S.V., Duke University (2009-03-04)

"They are beautiful! Thank you so much for all of your help yesterday!"

A.N., Duke University (2009-03-03)

"We have grown to rely on your quick reliable turnaround. The poster was just fine, has traveled, been presented, and has become Lab wallpaper already.... As far as friends and colleagues go, unfortunately for us (good for you) they are pretty much all already using PHDPOSTERS."

C.T., University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill (2009-03-02)

"This is an amazing service and my poster looks great - I will be sure to recommend you to my colleagues at Stanford."

A.T., Stanford University (2009-02-20)

"The poster looks beautiful and everything turned out so great!! Thank you so much for squeezing me in. We've already started spreading the word that you guys are the way to go!"

K.T., Partners HealthCare (2009-02-11)

"The poster looks fantastic, I'm really glad! Delivery was extremely quick and the poster looks great, I was a little worried about the format but it turned out really well. I'm very happy with the quality of the poster overall... I will definitely keep using your services in the future, and send you more customers."

T.B., Carnegie Mellon University (2009-02-06)

"It arrived on time and was perfect - thank you very much. I have already been singing your praises at the meeting and others have said they really like your site too."

D.F., Thomas Jefferson University (2009-01-22)

"Thanks for printing the posters so fast. We're very happy with your service, the posters look perfect!"

C.C., Harvard University (2008-12-05)

"PhDPosters has been nothing short of exceptional! I've designed many scientific posters over the years, and when I found you online, I was both excited and cautious at the same time (mainly because at such a low price compared to our local printers we thought, "there *has* to be some catch"). So we sent a test file that came through with flying colors -- every minute detail on the photo in the poster was preserved. We then sent 3 posters to you at the last minute, for a conference in Virginia. We were also just unveiling our new logo so there was that additional stress, but not only did they appear on time, you caught and corrected a mistake we made (a stray "z" in an unlikely area of the poster). THANK YOU!!!"

A.S., San Francisco AIDS Foundation (2008-12-03)

"Everything looks good -- as usual! Thanks for such a fast service."

T.L., Duke University (2008-11-14)

"I am very happy with the quality of this poster and the proof was very helpful to notice any problems. I also truly appreciate how the paper was trimmed since I submitted a custom paper width and the packaging was very secure so it arrived in great condition. Thank you for your prompt service on my poster and I look forward to ordering others when the need arises. I will also refer my colleagues to PhD posters because of this positive experience."

J.F., NIST (2008-11-12)

"I wanted to let you know that the poster looks perfect. You were so wonderfully helpful through the whole process too and I greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much for everything and i certainly will be a return customer and will strongly recommend phd posters to everyone."

C.S. (2008-10-21)

"I was going to contact you and compliment your new ink, it's looks brilliant."

D.C., Duke University (2008-10-17)

"The posters look great. I couldn't be happier. I will definately use you all for the rest of my posters while I am here at Duke, and potentially after I am through with my fellowship and moved on!"

E.W., Duke University (2008-10-16)

"Everything looks great. Turn-around time is fast. I now exclusively use Ph.D. Posters for all my research posters."

A.C., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (2008-10-09)

"I just received the poster and it looks great. This is the third time that I have gotten a poster from you, and the first time that I did not pick it up in person (I used to be a student at Duke). I must say that you provide better quality that many vendors in Pittsburgh for a fraction of the cost, and I feel more comfortable with your level of customer service than any other vendor here as well. I appreciate your help with everything, and I have already tried to get the word out on your great work. I will continue to do so!"

V.A., McGowan Institute (2008-08-21)

"My poster looked great and it won the 2nd place in the best poster competition! Thank you so much for all your help! I will definitely recommend your services to my friends and colleagues."

I.S., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (2008-08-16)

"The poster looks beautiful! It looks like everything printed as expected, and the colors are so vivid! Thanks again, and I'll be sure to recommend you to friends and colleagues!"

A.D., Johns Hopkins (2008-07-17)

"Awesome! This was the best experience of my life..."

R.M., Florida (2008-07-09)

"Thank you! The poster arrived right on time, and it looks excellent. I am really impressed with the low cost and quality. When I emailed a question, you responded immediately. I will try to get the word out at the Claremont colleges about your site."

M.M., Claremont Graduate University (2008-06-22)

"My posters made it and look great! You guys are seriously the best in the country ? I?m telling everyone I know at Stanford, in all honestly. THANK YOU!"

R.P., Stanford University (2008-05-02)

"A classmate and I picked up our posters today. This service is great. I will recommend it to all of our PhD students and Post Docs. I think they'll like it! They will be able to see the quality of the printing at our awards ceremony on Monday."

K.E., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (2008-04-10)

"We were delighted with how the poster turned out. Everything looks good, and the figures reproduced very nicely, including our tissue staining. I've already told a couple of colleagues and will spread the word liberally."

R.A., Harvard Children's (2008-04-01)

"The poster looks fabulous. I've been super impressed with you. I'll be sure to tell everyone."

E.P., Duke University (2008-01-19)

"The poster looks great - this is the second poster I've had printed by you and on both occasions I've been very impressed with the quality and timeliness. I recommend PhD Posters to anyone who will listen."

D.C., Duke University (2007-11-08)

"Thank you so much! I have told all of my friends about and plan to tell anyone who will listen how great your service and product are tomorrow when I present it. I will certainly be using your service in the future as the poster turned out beautifully!"

S.H., Salt Lake City (2007-11-05)

"they're perfect. have already recommended you and will continue. thanks."

L.J., Duke University (2007-10-26)

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