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Printing materials

Paper or fabric? We'll help you choose!

Our standard printing material is a heavy-weight, semi-gloss, water-resistant HP photo paper. It's beautiful and affordable with great sharpness and contrast, but it has to be transported rolled up in a tube for protection.

For those looking for a poster that's more convenient to travel with, we also offer a synthetic fabric material that can be folded up and carried in a suitcase. These fabric posters are very convenient and durable, and we've tested dozens of materials to ensure that we provide the best-looking fabric posters in the industry.

However, it is important to understand there are a few tradeoffs for the convenience of fabric:

Not sure if fabric is for you? Send us an email and we'll be happy to help you decide!

You can also check out a review of our fabric posters with high-resolution, close-up photos by research poster authority Colin Purrington.

Fabric Paper Comparison
Print quality is very good, though folds may be visible. (See ironing instructions.)
Colors and blacks on fabric can appear somewhat faded when compared to paper.
The fabric is slightly shiny and textured, but text stays sharp.